I have received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine (4/6/21 & 4/30/21)

and am now fully immunized as of 5/14/21.

I continue to take COVID very seriously - for both my own safety and that of all my clients and their families. I am no longer wearing a mask while I’m out walking dogs but I am still wearing a mask around anyone who is not vaccinated and in public places. If my clients are not vaccinated, I am masked when I approach or enter their homes for doggie pick ups and/or pet sits.

STAY SAFE & if you’re not yet vaccinated,

please consider it for your own safety and that of others.



Call or text me ASAP if you've been exposed to COVID-19, even if you are asymptomatic.  If I find out I've been exposed or get sick again, I will contact you immediately and make arrangements for coverage.


If anyone in your home has not yet been vaccinated, I will be masked for the initial meeting with you and your pet(s) and require you to be masked as well.


I require complete and up to date information for at least one emergency contact who can be reached in case I become ill. While I have trusted pet sitting back up, this person may need to assist with pet sitting visits for the remainder of your trip.


If another “Stay At Home” lockdown order is issued by the DC Government, I will continue to provide pet care services unless such services are deemed non-essential (animal care services were considered essential during the last lockdown).  If you are out of town, I will continue to provide care until your return.


We all have individual preferences when it comes to disinfectants and cleaning supplies.  Please provide a disinfectant approved by the CDC (i.e. Lysol) for use during each visit as well as hand soap and paper towels at the kitchen sink and make sure the paper towel roll is at least half full.

In order to minimize the number of surfaces I touch in your home, please leave all pet and cleaning supplies in a central area such as the kitchen counter or designated area of your choosing.


If anyone in your household has not yet been vaccinated, I will disinfect high traffic areas with the disinfectant you provide on the initial and final visits of the scheduled care period.  Please disinfect your pet’s food bowl, water bowl, and any kitty toys that will be used during the visits.


Please minimize the number of unvaccinated people visiting your home before any trips that require in-home pet sitting and make sure there are no visits by unvaccinated cleaners, contractors, friends, family members, and/or neighbors in your absence so I do not come into contact with anyone.  Contact me if anyone who visits your home before your departure contracts COVID-19.


Travel delays are always a possibility but never worry, your pets are covered until you make it home.  Even before COVID-19, I have always required clients to leave extra food, medications, and supplies in case of travel delays and I consider myself on duty until clients text me to confirm they are home so I know their pets are safely back in their care.