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Although I’m fully vaxxed and boosted (including the latest Bivalent booster) and many people seem to consider the pandemic over, my COVID precautions and safety protocols are still in effect and I expect them to be for some time as I have an at-risk family member and I have to be careful since I go to so many homes.

I continue to wear a mask in public places and take COVID very seriously - for both my own safety and that of all my clients and their families.  After being seriously ill with COVID for a month in June 2020, followed by 2 years of long-haul symptoms, I am not taking any chances - I do not want to get sick again nor do I want anyone else to get sick or worse.  I wear a mask for all client meetings.

STAY SAFE & if you are not yet vaccinated, please consider it for your own safety and that of others.


Call or text me ASAP if you've been exposed to COVID-19, even if you are asymptomatic, or if you experience any COVID symptoms despite being vaccinated.

If I find out I've been exposed or get sick again, I will contact you immediately and make arrangements for coverage.


I require complete and up to date information for at least one emergency contact who can be reached in case I become ill. While I have trusted pet sitting back up, this person may need to assist with pet sitting visits for the remainder of your trip.


Please minimize the number of unvaccinated people visiting your home before any trips that require in-home pet sitting and make sure there are no visits by cleaners, contractors, friends, family members, and/or neighbors in your absence so I do not overlap with anyone.  Contact me if anyone who visits your home before your departure contracts COVID-19.


Travel delays are always a possibility but never worry, your pets are covered until you make it home.  Even before COVID-19, I have always required clients to leave extra food, medications, and supplies in case of travel delays and I consider myself on duty until clients text me to confirm they are home so I know their pets are safely back in their care.

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